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From 2010-15, outer planetary cardinal tension increasingly focuses upon Uranus square Pluto. During 2011/2, Neptune and Chiron enter Pisces in opposition to Regulus (then in Virgo); not leaving until 2018 and 2025. We will study what happened when these outer planets were similarly together in the past; and then use this history to illustrate what the 2010s may have in store culturally,socially, politically and economically. Will there be fascism or understanding, war or peace? Is there a special role that the UK and USA can play?
Roy will describe how he approaches personal sessions with clients, helping them to use astrology to liberate their decisions and take control of their personal and social lives. How can we ensure the technical astrology information helps, and does not hinder the consultation? What are the advantages and disadvantages of listening at each stage in the session? When and how should we close it?
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