Crucial Astro Tools
‘The economic crisis that broke in 2008 is the result of our seduction and fall into the worst excesses of the astro-cycles of the times.  Intrinsic shortcomings in our economic system enabled financial institutions to engage in risky unsustainable trades, driven by greed for personal gain. In the short term, everyone seemed to benefit from their actions. Our system was so unbalanced and fragmented that genuine cause and effect were hardly connected.  Although seeming very practical, our 21st century physical world and business relationships are founded upon illusory values; driven more by sentiment, greed and fear than any real facts. Looking with genuine realism, we see they were doomed to fail.
‘The study uses astro-cycles to explain why this happened, could have been avoided and certainly can be avoided in the future.’
Astro-cycles put economic crisis
in perspective