Crucial Astro Tools
The Basic Thesis

Today’s  economic and ecological crises share a common solution. In a truly sustainable economy all interests need to work in harmony—the only acceptable exchange measure would represent genuine giving and taking. Understanding astro-cycles opens our eyes to a dramatic choice between extreme danger and a new “gold” standard based on kindness.

This book puts astro-cycles of the past 25 & next 15 years in their 100, 200, 500 year contexts.
The Contents
 Introductory Considerations
Chapter 1  The Fundamental Financial Fact
Chapter 2  What Astro-Cycles Can Tell Us
Chapter 3  World Economic Failures before 1984
Stage one  1984-2008 Let’s Party!
Chapter 4  Selling the Past
Chapter 5  Recession and Recovery—Really?
Chapter 6  No More Past to Sell—Let’s Sell the Future
Stage two  2008-2010 Party Over!
Chapter 7  The Danger of Denial
Chapter 8   Understanding Sustainable Growth
Stage Three 2010-2024—Lasting Economic Solutions?
Chapter 9  2010-12—Understanding the Transition
Chapter 10  2012-18—a Genuine “Gold” Standard
Chapter 11 2019-2024—The Time of Reckoning
Chapter 12 Towards a Genuine Age of Aquarius?
The Key Concepts of Mundane Astrology

9” x 6” – 110 plus perfect bound pages
scheduled publication date—July 2009
The Author
Roy Gillett is President of Britain’s The Astrological Association and a Trustee of London’s Jamyang Buddhist Centre. He has written many regular mundane astrology columns since 1979. From the 1990s he has guided users of the AstroAnalyst groundbreaking financial astrology software. Roy speaks for astrology at international conferences and on the media. All this experience has fuelled the extremely valuable insights this book offers.