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Consumer Protection Act May 2008.
Incorporates an European Union Directive, which could also be effective throughout all 27 countries of the Union. In addition there may be similar laws in other parts of the world.
This law requires all providers of all products and services to make clear exactly what they are offering.
What is offered on this site is information both in book format and information generation software. The interpretations are translations into ordinary language of traditional meanings of astronomical cycles. These are based on ideas used for thousands of years, enhanced by information from the experience of many users.
Such information is, however, challenged by many contemporary material scientists, because nearly all experimental studies have been unable to find a statistical relationship between a wide range of astrological concepts and expected outcomes. However, since astrological concepts are interdependently variable, some scientists and most astrologers consider such tests to be inappropriate.
The information and the software tools that provide it are offered on the understanding that it is for end users to decide if this knowledge gives useful insight that helps them make better life decisions. They should seek independent professional advice for legal, medical, financial and other specialist questions.  If you as a purchaser of these tools intend to use them to advise others, then it is your responsibility to make the above facts clear to your end users; as would any other trader.