Crucial Astro Tools

Solar Return Interpretations for forthcoming birthday year, planets
    in the houses and signs, plus aspects to the Sun.

Lunar Gardening in Calendar Biodynamic  Moon phases and signs.

Chart  File Merging between your computers.

Horse Racing Chart File with 100 horses, trainers, owners, jockeys PLUS 500 extra famous people charts

Zodiacal Releasing, Valens’ Time Lord,  Whole Sign (Part of Fortune) Houses s

New Primary Directions - Click here for full list  of features

Financial Data Import - Display a CSV file with the planet lines of a Graphic Ephemeris screen - can be price or other numerical data.

 Email  Charts to clients and friends - Now supports Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Solar Maps - Now supports full Solar Fire Displayed Points, improved navigation, click and zoom,.click and choose Parans, save maps as JPG, BMP, GIF.

Charubel Degrees  interpretations from  this 1890s Welsh occultist, clairvoyant and healer. 
conventional calculations, displays, event lists, graphic and data ephemeris outputs; animations single, bi-, tri-, quad- wheels & data displays; multi-chart pages, convenient tabulation and technical reports; natal (with midpoints), forecast,synastry, Fidaria and Sabian Oracle interpretations; myriad modern, traditional, Huber, Vedic, mundane information; transit, progress calendars with  interpretations; amazing dynamic electional, and chart search research tools; key chart data with biographies; masses of chart art (supplied or own design);  Encyclopaedia of Astrology; ACS Atlas with personal update; birth day reminder; easy-access toolbar; wide-ranging ephemeris generator - includes midpoints, asteroids, stars,  extra points; 5000 years of eclipses; fully customisable wheel and dial styles (Sun-sign wheels), emails chart files. Client appointments, session timer, voice recorder, match teacher/student settings; print; animations; pdf manuals for Solar Fire & Maps; context sensitive help.

Solar Maps 5 with enhanced nagivation.  FREE WITH SOLAR FIRE V9
Top world astrology software
for beginners & professionals
the standard against which all other astrology software is measured” Horary Practitioner
Masses of  maps, zoom and drag to include more towns, click to interpret anywhere in the world and select parans. As well as angles and local space, display  zodiac, house, star, midpoint lines. Animate and see them move! Hurricane and earthquake tracking. Such great fun to use, it is difficult to stop!
NOW WITH these new version 9 features:
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V 9
Solar Fire amazingly full & simple for:
Stop press!  SOLAR FIRE 9
works on tablets running full Windows 8 and above [not RT]
Stop press!  SOLAR FIRE 9
works on tablets running full Windows 8 and above [not RT]
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