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Crucial Astro Tools
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Roy Gillett’s seminars given at the ISAR 2009 Conference
Mastering Politics through
Astrology and Compassion
The nature of two 20th century world wars, the Middle East crisis, war in Iraq, British and US political leadership contests, indeed all political and social actions, are not merely explained by astro cycles. After revealing the connections, Roy will go one step further. He will show how knowing these cycles could enable us to assess the circumstances, choose the right people to follow, make wiser decisions and so live happier lives.
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Astrology - Restoring the
Science of Human Understanding
The attitudes of the 17th/18th century "Enlightenment" created the conditions for the material benefits of the 21st century, but left our personal lives and social relationships barren. After exploring the astrological reasons for this, Roy will show how knowing today's transits can be used to restore a scientific balance that includes human as well as mechanical understanding. We can educate our children to have social values, based on a compassionate view of each other's needs.
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Time for Astrologers to
Take a Proactive Stand
Politely yet firmly we should move on from merely answering our media and academic critics to asserting astrology's great potential value as a vital descriptive tool that can help us find answers to our world's social and spiritual problems.