Crucial Astro Tools
What readers are saying about this book
“THE astrology book of 2008”
Gregory Nalbandian - Proprietor UAC and ISAR bookstores
“listen to what astrologers in 21st century really think.”
Nicholas Campion
“..seeking nothing less than... a dramatic paradigm shift
that puts astrology at the center.”
Dell Horoscope
“From basic concepts of astrology to . . .intriguing-examples of mundane analysis……gentle and nourishing reminder that helping human beings
to understand themselves can be a very worthwhile job indeed.”
The Mountain Astrologer
“ astrologers pride in our craft ..introduces
non-astrologers to a new  way of thinking.”  
Arlan Wise
“...valuable and  truly comprehensive book ...a standard text book.”  Ruth Rose
“heroic” Christina Fielding