Crucial Astro Tools
Now, besides the 1,000 Swiss-Ephemeris-accurate asteroids already included in Solar Fire, you can select from over 10,000 more. The Asteroid Add-on makes it simple to install whatever asteroids you want, whenever you want – all 10,000, the 7,500 that are named, or any individuals that interest you. You can also load them by any of 29 topic groupings, including cities and countries, plants and animals, science and transport, occupations, mythology and more. There is also a set of relationship asteroids, plus an article explaining their meanings.

You can use these asteroids just like the others in Solar Fire’s wheels and pages, transit/progression listings, graphic ephemerides, ephemeris tables, and detailed lists of the asteroid positions and aspects in a chart. You can also export the asteroid data for one or more charts into plain text files for use in other programs like spreadsheets and word processors.

Covering the years A.D. 1500-2100, this massive collection requires about 510Mb of disk space for a full installation. The Add-on tells you how much disk space you need for the asteroids you select, and it automatically installs your selected asteroids in their proper place in Solar Fire. You need Solar Fire Gold (v6) through 9, and can get the Add-on by CD or download.  

Requirements: Solar Fire v6 or higher, about 510MB on your hard disk drive if you wish to install the entire collection..

Asteroid Add-on for Solar Fire
Solar Fire Asteroid Add-on