Crucial Astro Tools

Conclusion Chapter 6  - A Fair & Logical Universe

“We are so caught up in the material today that it is difficult to explain and grasp the high logic of spiritual justice. Instead, we blame an ‘unjust God’ for our suffering. As a consequence, we deny his right to exist and in desperation turn entirely to the mechanical. Immersing ourselves in the struggle to possess and enjoy distracting pleasures as of right, we divert our minds from confronting what we ‘know’ will be the final end of everything at the time of our death.
In 500 years we have advanced from a time when human societies were unified in a general misunderstanding about the workings of the universe and the relationship between it and its citizens. Now we face a time of clear physical predictability, but problematic moral understanding. It is a bit like handing out hand grenades to each member of a kindergarten class! Yet, the very knowledge that helps us understand our feelings and thoughts is as available today as it has always been. With the development of even more exact astronomical observation and computer technology, astrology can now provide even greater precision. The knowledge of the cycles this offers does not determine our lives, but help us see far more clearly the implications of our actions, and understand the universe from every perspective.
Astrology, the knowledge that was ‘cast out of the academy’ in the late 17th century can work systematically with emotion and mind. As is so often the case, the solution that is staring us in the face is one that irritates us the most and we feel like dismissing first. When we embrace the ‘enemy’ of astrological understanding, we find ourselves at one with our dearest friend and, combining it with compassion, transform our delusions into clear light.”

Conclusion Chapter 7  - Giving Astrological Advice

The following extract was originally written, for the author’s column in The Astrological Journal, shortly after Gordon Brown was appointed in July 2007. At this time, the new British Prime Minister was at the height of his “honeymoon” popularity and David Cameron seen as a spent force.
“.....the decks are cleared for a great political battle, which has very much to do with the 12th house. As we observed during the Conservative Party leadership contest; although David Cameron has an attractively friendly Venus and Sun rising in Libra in the 1st house, his Moon and Mars are proudly and imperially placed in Leo. This Mars has now progressed into 12th house Virgo and moves between the natal and progressed Plutos and Saturns during the build-up to the next UK General Election. It will oppose Gordon Brown’s natal Mars and Venus and be applying to oppose Gordon Brown’s Saturn too – a critical ‘up close and personal’ battle in every sense!
When Tony Blair was at this stage of preparation a few years before his 1997 victory, he was dismissed as ‘Bambi’. Seeking to dismiss David Cameron as a lightweight publicist with little or no policies would be a similar error. The key question that needs to be asked is whether David Cameron is a manipulative, ‘all things to all people’ presenter whose actions in office would be as, or even more, divisive and repressive than Labour’s? Alternatively, are his often-mocked statements, such as ‘hug a hoodie’ and ‘rewarding the family’, expressions of a healing vision that is vital for Britain? If so, has he the clarity and strength of will to apply these subtle insights to expansive benefit; like a homoeopathic political process?
Crucially, has David Cameron the capacity to help heal the psychotic trauma projected on the world by the 12th house paranoia of recent leaders and their policies? Or, with Gordon Brown’s progressed Moon and transiting Jupiter about to activate his Midheaven in the coming year, will Gordon Brown mature into a much more open and publicly effective figure in the top job? Will his Piscean familiarity with the failure of fear focus a stronger and more effective healing? Or will the challenges of the turn of the decade be such that they can be no more than endured, whoever is in power?
It will be interesting to see how things develop.”
Chapters 8 to 20 of the book ask radical questions about the assumptions upon which our contemporary academic and social institutions are founded and suggest many benefits that astrology could offer them.