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Astrology & Compassion the Convenient Truth Deep study, answers astrology’s critics, shows its vital role in 21st century society.

The Secret Language of Astrology
Profound, beautifully illustrated full colour introduction for all wishing to seriously consider astrology.
Ecology &
astrology reveals  the longstanding deep failings in today’s world economy  & indicates the principles to put it right.

Reversing the Race to
Global Destruction
Abandoning the Politics of Greed
develops the previous three books to identify solutions, based on principles rather that avoidable rules and agreements.
45 - Page 45 5 - Page 5 9 - Page 9
Roy Gillett’s Astrological Quartet
Showing the power of astrology to clarify our decisions and help create a healthy planet
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56 - Page 56
Roy  reads his poem and free download